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Welcome to Flirt Photography...

My name is Amelia Thornton and I LOVE photography.

Flirt Photography is based out of Richmond Hill (Toronto), ON although I have also lived in Calgary, Alberta and Fort Smith, Northwest Territories. I accept wedding commissions around the world and have been blessed to have worked throughout Canada (Alberta, Ontario, New Brunswick), the Dominican Republic (Punta Cana), Jamaica (Montego Bay), and India (Mumbai, Indore, Goa, and Agra).

I inherited my passion for photography from my grandfather - it was his Minolta SRT-101 (from 1967) that saw me through post-secondary school studying journalism and his handwritten notes on images that still bring a smile to my face.

My family members are my friends, and I consider my friends family.

I drink too much coffee but I love herbal tea.

I like songs that make me want to dance, run, or drive a bit too fast.

I love water, the smell of rain, thunder clapping while lightening streaks across the sky, waterfalls, and oceans.

If I wasn't taking beautiful photographs I would collect passport stamps for a living.

I like to sit on a patio or in a park and watch people - how they interact, how they smile, how they laugh, and even sometimes...how they cry.

I think everyone has moments of emotional beauty every single day.

I want to show you how beautiful your life is through my camera lens.

This is who I am and what I offer to share with you.

Wedding commissions range from $2,500.00 - $6,500.00

Destination weddings are $1,500.00 + travel expenses (but if you're going somewhere really interesting contact me to discuss possible alternative arrangements)

Family sessions start at $375.00

Boudoir photography starts at $595.00